This course is designed to prepare students to conduct mobile forensic analysis. This course will cover fundamentals of mobile forensics including timestamp analysis, SIM card analysis, and device preservation. The course will then look at Android, iOS, and legacy device analysis.

We at Hexordia will provide a methodology for conducting analysis of unsupported 3rd party apps and conduct comparative analysis. This course uses all open-source tools and publicly available forensic images to teach concepts through the combined use of lecture, demos, hands-on exercises, and labs. Students will also receive access to all HEX-100 and 200 series courses for 1 year when taking this course. By completing this training, students are prepared to take the exam that leads to the Hexordia Mobile Forensic Analyst (HMFA) certification.

Training Delivery Details

Live Online Training: Instructor (40 hour) | Materials | Certification Exam

All sessions starts from 8:30 AM to 5 PM (Eastern Time) or upon a mutual agreement

Pricing Options

Please make sure you select the enrollment schedule that works best for you. If none of these work and you are still interested in our training, please contact us.


This training will cover all courses in the HEX-100 Mobile Forensics Fundamentals and HEX-200 Mobile Forensic Analysis series.

    HEX-110 Mobile Forensics Fundamentals Part 1

    HEX-111 Mobile Forensic Fundamentals Part 2

    HEX-120 Mobile Timestamp Fundamentals

    HEX-150 Mobile Device Preservation

    HEX-210 Android Analysis

    HEX-214 Google Takeout Forensics

    HEX-220 iOS Analysis

    HEX-250 Mobile Analysis Methodology and 3rd Party App Parsing

    HEX-270 Comparative Analysis

    HEX-310 SQLite Analysis

    HEX-320 PList Analysis


Kim Bradley retired from the Kentucky State Police where she worked the last nine years of her career as Forensic Computer Examiner.  She was assigned to the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Cyber Crime Task Force and worked for five years at the Kentucky Regional Forensics Laboratory (KRCFL).  While at the KRCFL, she earned the Computer Analysis Response Team (CART) Forensic Examiner certification and served as the Laboratory Quality Manager.  Before moving into digital forensics, her state service included positions in software development and database management.  In addition to holding several certifications, Kim has a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and a Master of Science degree in Digital Forensic Science.

HMFA Certificate

Why you should get the HMFA certificate?

  • Professional Certificate

    HMFA is the only certification that will truly assess your skills in multiple domains, all using a single certification-process.

  • Experiential Learning

    HMFA includes hands-on labs that cover skills related to the basic of mobile forensics fundamental.

  • Evaluated by Experts

    HMFA requires students to take a practical assessment and submit a report for the expert committee to evaluate.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, you are expected to:

  • Understand different types of forensic images available from mobile devices

  • Understand critical elements of seizure of a mobile device

  • Decode common mobile timestamps by hand or with the use of freeware tools

  • Know how to create mobile test data sets

  • Conduct analysis of Android, iOS to include geolocation and system artifacts

  • Identify and analyze unsupported 3rd party applications from mobile devices

  • Conduct comparative analysis


This course is intended for students with or without prior experience in digital forensics. There are no prerequisites.

Who is this Course For?

This training is designed for anyone who wants to learn more about mobile forensics. This may include current forensic examiners as well as those with an interest in the field. No formal training in digital or mobile forensics is required.

System Requirements:

What you need to for the course

1. Any computer with an internet connection capable of watching live stream video, will be able to view the live lectures in this class.

2. We recommend system with a latest Intel/AMD CPU, 8 GB of RAM, 250 GB of disk space, and an Internet connection should be sufficient to work through our labs.

3. Some tools are Windows only; however, if you have Windows VM, that will work.

Cancellation Policy:

Info you need to know to get a refund

Full refunds will be provided up to 14 days before the course start date. You are allowed to change the course schedule up to 10 days before the course starts.

Social Proof: Reviews

Panos Andriotis

5 star rating

“Excellent delivery from Jessica, using open source tools only. The learning platform is easy to follow and the interactive sessions are fun to attend.”

“Excellent delivery from Jessica, using open source tools only. The learning platform is easy to follow and the interactive sessions are fun to attend.”

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“I recently completed the Hexordia HMFA and highly recommend it. Be ready to be challenged and to learn from one of the very best in the field of mobile device forensics.

William Fortuno

“I’ve completed the HEXORDIA MOBILE FORENSICS ANALYSIS - VIRTUAL LIVE TRAINING. Thank you @hexordia @cyber5w @B1N2H3X @binaryz0ne for the awesome training. I learned a lot. Here

Brian Maloney

“40+ hours learning the foundations of mobile device forensics analysis. This course was great to learn more depth into the Android and iOS file structures, using opensource tools for a deeper analysis into the data that might/could be missed by proprietary tools, file carving from forensic mobile data, use of SQLite databases to better analyze mobile forensic data, and more ... h/t to Jessica Hyde and Sarah Hayes with the Hexordia outfit for an outstanding class. Here

Eli W. Wilkerson

“I cannot recommend Hexordia Mobile Forensic training enough. First, the instruction is targeted to the course topic. Second, the instructor is one of the best in the industry. For those of you in law enforcement. We must qualify with our firearms annually (minimum), as well recertify in CPR/AED/FirstAid, and many more. These training areas do not have anywhere near the rapid changes as are seen in mobile forensics. Reviewing material is vital in this industry. The continuing education is ongoing. It is a bonus if you happen to be reviewing a topic which is important to a current case. Invest in yourself. Be the best examiner you can be!”

Lorie Hermesdorf