Course Curriculum

  • 01

    FAT File System

    • Introduction

    • Forensic Importance

    • Tools

    • Sectors & Clusters

    • Cluster Allocation For Files

    • Slack Space

    • Fragmentation

    • Knowledge Check

  • 02

    FAT32 Analysis

    • FAT32 Analysis

    • Reserved Area

    • FSINFO

    • Knowledge Check

    • FAT Area

    • Knowledge Check

    • Data Area

    • File Names

    • Root Directory Entries

    • Knowledge Check

    • File Finding Exercise

    • Timestamps

    • Knowledge Check

  • 03


    • Conclusion

    • Sources

    • Extra Reading

6 CPE Credits

After completing this course, you will earn:

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Learn how to parse and analyze the structures and utilize file system data

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, you will learn the following.

  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of file systems and the ability to identify unique file system metadata

  • Analyze and parse the underlying file system structures

  • Apply this knowledge to data recovery and forensic investigations

Technical Requirements

To complete the hands-on labs of this track

  • Windows 10/11 operating system (recommended)

  • Internet Connection

  • 010 Editor here or HxD Editor here

  • X-Ways here or WinHex here

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