Course curriculum

  • 01


    • Why evidence acquisition is important

    • Must-Know First Response actions

    • Have a question?!

  • 02

    Sanitization of the Target Media

    • Required Files

    • Sanitization

    • Hardwipe Tool

    • Cygwin tools (dd command in Windows)

    • Exercise #1

    • Exercise #1 Solution

  • 03

    Acquisition Tools

    • Required Files

    • Evidence Data Acquisition

    • Memory Dump

    • Tools for Memory Dump

    • Disk Drive Imaging

    • Other Forensic Tools

    • Exercise#2

    • Solution_Exercise#2

  • 04

    Hardware Acquisition Tools

    • Examples of Hardware Acquisition Tools

    • Using UltraDock Write-Blocker

  • 05

    Mounting a Forensic Image

    • Required Files

    • Introduction to Image Mounting

    • Arsenal Image Mounter

    • OSFMount

    • Other Forensic Image Mounting Tools

    • Exercise#3

    • Solution_Exercise#3

  • 06


    • Chapter Summary

    • References

Learning Outcomes

This course demonstrates the skills that you need to master the digital evidence acquisition skill

  • Learn how to wipe a disk and use the tools Hardwipe and dd (on Windows) for disk wiping

  • Learn how to use a WriteBlocker

  • Practice RAM data capturing using Belkasoft, Magnet RAM capture, and Dumpit

  • Practice disk data acquisition using the tools Belkasoft, FEX Imager, and dd command

  • Practice forensic image mounting using Arsenal Image Mounter and OSFMount tools

Technical Requirements

For the hands-on labs in this course

  • Windows 10 operating system (recommended)

  • Internet Connection

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